Fair launch no ICO. Ants Reloaded is the first fully decentralized and transparent payment system for gaming consoles managed by an Ethereum smart contract.
We are developing the first cryptocurrrency wallet that can be embedded on any game console such as Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo.

You will be able to buy anything from:
Your favourite games, movies , or simply pay your Netflix subscription in a few seconds and without using a credit card.

For the moment you can pay only with a credit card or a Paypal account. That means expensive​ ​and​ ​long​ ​payment​ ​process.​ ​There are 16 different steps to settle the transaction and up to 15 different fees to pay for payment gateways. Transaction fees range from 2% + 0.1 to 6% + 0.7. Chargeback fees of USD 15.

So we have decided to build the first cryptocurrency wallet specially designed for gaming consoles.
This wallet will have a proprietary payment gateway that allows gamers to use Ants Reloaded to buy games, movies, or subscriptions.
Our wallet will work only with Ants Reloaded (ANTS).



How can i buy Ants Reloaded?

Now you can buy Ants on Etherdelta and Token.Store

How can i add Ants tokens to my wallet?

Choose an ethereum wallet, click add custom token and enter this address
0x1cCc29f9CEd9d1a5cE81a7262EAC8FcD7ecA5788 ; Symbol: ANTS ; Decimals: 8


ANTS RELOADED is compatible with any Ethereum wallet such as: Mist,
Parity, Jaxx , Myetherwallet, Metamask . Also availble on Nano S Ledger
In the future, we plan to develop several versions of wallets which can be easily installed on any smartphone or gaming console

Ants reloaded brings togheter two technologies that already exists. Gaming consoles –cryptocurrecy. Our vision is to revolutionize the payment of the gaming industry with the help of blockchain technology .The value of the global video games market in 2017 was 78.61 (in billion U.S. dollars) and is projected to increase to USD90.07 billion by 2020.With a $78.61 billion market, acquiring just a fraction of market penetration results in larger evenues: 0.1% market share alone is $78 million a year.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  What you can do with Ants Reloaded?

You can organize tournaments between gamers with special rewards for winners.

You can pay buy players on Fifa Ultimate Team.

You can buy subscriptions, games, movies and more.

Ants Reloaded are sent in 2 minutes everywhere around the world with very low transaction fees.

Ants Reloaded will provide gamers a smart wallet that can greatly enhance user experience for buying and selling in-game items on every game console. In addition gamers can create their own tournaments and use their own ANTS tokens or virtual assets as prizes.


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